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Tourism in Lijiang

After leaving our Nanyao homestay families, we traveled to explore the streets of Lijiang. We did a culture lesson that consisted of all of us being put into groups and given an article. All of the articles were about how the old town of Lijiang is losing its original culture and being turned into a tourist spot. Each of the groups were tasked with going out into the old town of Lijiang and finding evidence to prove or disprove the argument that Lijiang was remade for tourism. My group discovered today there are only about 30 people of the original culture that are still living in Lijiang. All of the groups decided the old town was remade for tourists. When we went out to explore the town, there were about 10 different shops, however, there were at least 2 of the same shop on each road. In Lijiang, we learned that many people that were living there have moved out of the city. Lijiang is becoming a place solely created for tourists.