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Photo by Grace Powell, South America Semester.

Trekking in Bolivia

So turns out that Bolivian off brand Oreos aren’t all that good. They really do taste like chalk. This is Mary Evelyn by the way. So far this trip has been super great aside from some sickness/nausea on the first day. I have loved getting to experience the culture and explore so many places far from a United States experience. I even asked a guy for directions IN SPANISH!! WOW just look at me go! Being immersed within Bolivia has been great for my Spanish. Also Sucre was super coolio. Lots of awesome little shops and gelato that was so on point (Lemon allllll the way). Trekking was not easy I must say. But it really puts into perspective how much humans are capable of. As it was happening, I was having such a tough time combining the mix of loose rocks below me and change in altitude (which I have found out to not be my friend). But when I looked back and saw the GIANT rock I just climbed, it makes the blisters feel better. Coca actually does help by the way. Tastes a lil funky but hey why not try new things. Be open to experience. Ok so now, after an overnight bus more classy than the plane, we are chillin in the program house getting ready to meet out homestay families. Must say, this does make me miss my ATL fam quite a lot. Mom don’t worry I’m still doing okay and the money got transferred fine. Dad, the aggressive NYC nature has come in handy a little when needing to get past people on the busy sidewalks.

Alright time to head out. Talk to you soon. Tell Moly hi because I just KNOW how much she misses me.