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A sadu sitting along the ghats of the Ganges River. Photo by Jen Goings, India Semester.

Varanasi is wild and full of life

Varanasi is wild and full of life. We’ve been wandering around the city (in intense heat) unsuccessfully attempting to complete our scavenger hunt. Everywhere we walk, there are cows and smells of cow manure. Many times we have encountered people willing to help us and when we ask for help people give us directions. The streets are overwhelming and noisy. Many people feel the need to honk for seemingly no reason at all. We met a Hindu man in front of the Pancih Deva Temple who gave us advice and educated us on Hinduism. We walked down the Tulsi Ghat and saw people bathing in the water, laughing and talking. IT was an interesting experience and we love our new found independence.

Will, Vicky, Keira and Joy