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Yak Board Intros

Hi everyone,

Hello from the Sierras where Ling, Marcus and I are with the rest of the Dragons crew getting ready for our summer adventures. We are excited to meet you guys soon and would like to remind you to post a self intro to the Yak Board in the next two to three days. Please do include some of your interests and share with us what you’d like to focus your independent study project (ISP) on (if you are still deciding maybe include a few options). In the past years, we have had students focus on the art of Chinese tea, calligraphy, cooking, martial arts, and all sorts of other interesting things. If two of you are interested in the same topic, then a group of students can work together. We will begin ISPs a few days into our course and will need to make arrangements for this soon.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Ling, Marcus and Deb.