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Yo I’m Ava

Hey dudes. I’m Ava (or 蔡欣文). I’m from LA and I’m 16. I’ve been taking Chinese outside of school since I was a kid but have only been learning it in school for the past three years. My mom, who originally pushed me to learn Chinese, speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin so I’ve been around both since I was a kid. I’ve been to China before (specifically Beijing and Hong Kong in 2012) and I’m super excited to come back.

Outside of school, I love doing tech theater and just theater in general. I love listening to music, especially indie + 80’s music, and I also play guitar and ukulele in my spare time. I’m super passionate about film, writing and language learning in general (I used to learn a fictional language from Game of Thrones on Duolingo instead of like an actually useful spoken language). Excited to meet y’all – I’m on the right in the first pic if that wasn’t obvious.