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3 days in the ruins

Hola a todos,

Going back to 5am July 2, we left our comfortable house in Yam Che, Coban for an amazing camping experience through Maya ruins.

Our trip was jump started along with our broken down pick up truck and we arived at the first site, Nakum, at around 4. After a quick introduction and bed set up on tall open platforms, we left camp with renewed energy for a short trek to the acropolis. We learned about the Maya civilization and cosmovision which is centered on the cardinal directions and the tangible and intangible aspects of life.

That night we had a dinner of rice, beans, and plantains, took a well needed shower, and people shared their stories in an activity called life maps. We ended our night looking at the stars.

4:15am we returned to the ruins to watch the sunrise on top of a pyramid before breakfast.

Due to our lack of a machete, we trekked to a river connecting Guatemala to Belize and drove instead of hiked to the next set of ruins.

We arrived in time to take a nap before lunch!!!

At 3pm we were prepared to go to the second site. We had a nice workout climbing the thousand stairs the Maya merchants used to take with their traded goods. We climbed above the trees to the top of temples and observatories where we took some pictures and could see mounds of un-excavated ruins.

We started our morning by watching the sun on top of a ruin and we closed it in the same way. For 30 minutes we sat in silence watching the sun set over an amazing view of mountains and rivers, listening to howler monkeys, birds, and the wind.

Like the day before, we had some dinner and listened to 2 more life maps watching the stars by the river.

Adios Muchachos!

Enae and Emma