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A 16 year Old Girl Against Senegalese Food: Spoiler Alert the Food Wins

I will never forget the feeling of pooping. When i arrived in Senegal i was a 16 year old girl who didn’t understand the pain Senegalese food would bring me. I was entrapped by the foods beautiful scent and appearance. Only if I knew what the food was capable of doing to my digestive system. At where there be dragons you are asked to share your poop scale (weird right). You’re asked to describe the consistency of your poop. With ten being constipation and… I’ll leave you to imagine what one is. When i got to Senegal i knew there be a lot of bread but not this much bread. So naturally when i arrived I stuffed my face with baguettes. Unfortunately while I was eating I didn’t realize the vicious cycle baguettes would put my digestive tract in. On the first day I told the group that i was facing constipation but so were a number of other students. As the days continued the number of students with a ten began to dwindle. Unfortunately I still continuously had a ten. after days of deep uncertainty of where my poop would lie(gross)…

(classic dragons trip things. I lost a page in my notebook. So bare with me. It could be in the Kedougou mountains or at a boutique next to the yogurt or at the ice cream shop. It could be anywhere.)

In summary, this continued for awhile. Ugh, finally at last I had to go to the bathroom. And it wasn’t a 1 (gross). Finally I pooped. This was probably the best feeling of my life. never have i ever been so grateful to poop.