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A Baby’s Smile

I was so nervous going into this homestay. I knew nothing. But it’s amazing how a baby’s smile could speak 1000 words to calm my nerves… I have been awake and active in this household (sweeping, cutting garlic, helping out with preparing meals…) for a total of 5.5 hours (I’ve been up since 5:30 and it’s 11:00 now) and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen twice as many smiles in the last 5.5 hours here than I have seen in a full day at school. One smile for every minute of the 5.5 hours that I have been helping out. That adds up to a total of… I don’t know how to do the math… There is simple, pure, thankful, joy here. That’s all I mean to say. Joy in a baby’s smile, joy in a day’s hard work, joy in being close to family and to the earth. I may not have been here for very long, but I can see that in just one second. And I am so thankful to be here.