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A Letter Home


I am having an amazing time here in Guatemala so far. Even though it has only been a couple of days, I have been able to learn so much and make new friends. I also have been trying lots of new foods, and they are delicious! Overall, I have already had so many new experiences like swimming in a lake, learning about my nahuatl, observing a Mayan Ceremony, and learning about Permaculture.

The biggest lesson I have learned so far is that humans must appreciate nature. In the past I looked at plants as something that was not too significant, but they are. Being at IMAP taught me that every plant has a purpose whether it is blocking weeds from growing or creating food. Additionally, at IMAP we discussed the Mesoamerica Resiste, and it taught me that I must begin to think about which companies I support as some can lead to corruption and chaos.

I am so excited to expand my knowledge and have more new experiences. I am currently in San Juan La Laguna and cannot wait to meet my homestay family in just a couple hours. I hope all is well at home and cannot wait to share my next adventures.