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A new experience !

Hello dear fellows,

I’m Leif, 37 and I live in Paris with my beloved Charlotte who introduced herself a few days ago. Since I’ve known her, she keeps telling me that one of her favorite trips ever, was a very special journey to India, a 3 month trip, where she learnt and discovered so many things and people. That’s where she met Shannon and enjoyed the Dragons experience.

2 months ago, she asked me if I was ready to go on a unique trip to Asia with the Dragons. I read about the program and told her : “of course : new culture, new country, new people, beautiful landscapes and 4 days with a local Newari artisan, etc, etc, waow!” Besides, the dragons’ approach of traveling is really interesting and I really wanted to do it.

After 7 years of exhausting work (City hall of Paris), I also feel that this is the perfect timing for me to do this special trip.

Looking forward to meeting you all !

Have a good day,