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Alegaun Homestay

For the past 4-5 days we have all been in a village near the top of a hill, with our homestay families. When I first arrived at my homestay, I (along with many others) was disoriented at first, but I managed to adjust to the much more rural environment of our homestay. On the first night, I wasn’t able to get that much sleep, because of the shock from the new environment. For our previous sleeping accommodations, we have been in various forms of guest houses, and also a farm all together, so alone in a room in a village was slightly jarring. After the first night I was able to adjust more, and I managed to communicate with my homestay mother through gesturing, broken english on her part, and even worse nepali on my part. We saw each other every day for a couple hours, but the majority of the day was spent with our families, helping out around the house and in the fields, doing chores that needed doing. It was an overall fulfilling experience; I felt like I learned about a new type of lifestyle, and as someone who lives in the city, I was able to step far outside of my comfort zone.