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An Introduction from Shannon

Dear Travel Companions,


I hope this note finds you all well and enjoying the warm, sprawling days of summer.  I write to you from my home in Boulder, Colorado.  With my kids away at camp for the day and in the hope of getting this note out to you all, I’ve allowed my mind to wander to the lush folds of Nepal and a place inside that feels like home.  Through my musings I feel an enthusiasm growing for the opportunity to share in this upcoming adventure with a group of courageous, curious travelers like yourselves.

My first trip to Nepal was as a college student in the late 90’s.  As I reflect back now, it’s difficult to really connect with who I was then.  I seem to filter my memories through the lens of the mother I have become and wonder how I was so brave.  How did I leave home so far behind and venture into the unknown?  How did I step on that plane so unprepared for what lie ahead?  I had no idea at the time that I was about to fall in love or that I would sink my roots down so deeply in new soil that uprooting them would take 14 years.   It was one of the greatest gifts to make my home in a land with such rich ethnic and cultural diversity, with stunning sacred landscapes and in relationship with truly loving, generous people.

The details of those years I look forward to sharing with you over a cup of tea.  I find that stories flow from me more smoothly in real time, spoken word.  To re-tell them in the context in which they occurred also adds a texture that they lack otherwise.  What I will say is that my love affair with Nepal isn’t over.  Although my home is now in the Rocky Mountains, I look for any opportunity I can to be involved in the Nepali community here and to travel back east, whether to facilitate a trip for Dragons or bring my family.  I have found that the lessons I learned in Nepal are invaluable, my experience transformational.  This in no way is unique to me, but rather the special power that Nepal holds.  It is such an honor to join you all on your journey to this magical kingdom, as I trust it will hold its own enchantment for you.

Knowing that we will all be meeting in Kathmandu soon, I invite you to begin introducing yourself here on the yak board.  Please also post any questions you have.  You will soon discover that this board is a great way to share, connect and build enthusiasm for the adventure that lies ahead.  Our hope is that the journey we embark on together will challenge you in enriching ways.

After speaking with each of you, I am so excited to meet you in person.

Until then, be well.