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Apu Ausungate Trek

Hi everyone! We just finished our 5 days of trekking near Apu Ausangate.What a time it was! It was incredible to witness and experience the spiritual significance that the Apu´s have in Quechuan culture. The trip began with lots of anxiety regarding the cold, excitement for the views and anticipation for learning more about the spiritual and cultural significance of these mountains. With the help of our guide, Miguel Inti, we performed ceremonies asking for permission to trek in her realm, and when on trek, thanked Pacha Mamma(Mother Earth) for granting us passage and allowing us to experience the immense beauty of the Apu´s. As the trip progressed, people began to feel sick. It seemed as if everyone had gotten or was getting sick. Navigating through injuries and sickness on trek is tough, especially at 16,000 feet, but everyone showed incredible strength and the group was able to complete the trek! Although it was tough, everyone has grown in many ways, and we´re all thankful for the experience we got to have.  Hasta Luego,