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Arrival in Yangon

Today we left the comfort of our guest house in Bago for the excitement and bustle in Yangon. After a two hour bus ride on a surprisingly fancy bus that nobody was expecting, we arrived at our guesthouse. We’re all pretty excited to get a lot closer these next few days as we will be sharing beds with our roommates. After arriving we went off to lunch and had some great noodles and great laughs. Then we ventured through narrow, busy, streets and tucked away corners to arrive at a really really really nice mall (that again, nobody was expecting). As we were sitting in the food court, Charlotte and I had to remind ourselves that we were in fact, still in Myanmar. Walking around in this city is a sensory overload but at the same time surprisingly comfortable. As of now, we are resting before we go to our Burmese dinner. Venturing again into this amazing city.