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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Aymara Vision

The Aymara people have something indescribable in their eyes. Be it in their ancient connection to the land, or in the fierce wisdom carried on from generation to generation, the Aymara way of life is as unique as it is powerful. Living amongst them, even if only for a short while, we are faced with a difficult question:

What have we taken from the earth,

and how are we going to give it back?

The Aymara people see the universe comprised of many different energies and worlds, all working in harmony to feed and nourish each other. They believe not only that it is our sacred duty to maintain this harmony, but that we are also solely responsible for all of the disharmony that exists.

Imagine how different our way of interacting with the world might be if we believed that life, and our role in it, is as precious as the Aymara know it to be. How would you give back?