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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

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I am currently sitting on a ‘transport’ (small bus) in between the small city of Sitti Fadma and Marrakesh. It’s now X-phase – the trek is over and the students have the opportunity to plan a couple of days of activities, organize transport and accommodations, and be the leaders of the trip.

Yesterday students took us to Oukaimeden, a small town in the high atlas known for its winter ski resort, bouldering, and the community of Transhumants that migrate to the mountaintop at the end of every summer to feed their herds of goats and sheep before the first snow falls, then returning to the valleys that they live in the rest of the year. There are few communities left like this in Morocco, and seeing the adobe and stone houses that they occupy on a hill across from a small ski resort is an unusual example of the cohabitation of different lives and worlds sitting next to each other. It was a site to see.

After taking in the views we made our way (with some rented crash pads) to a boulder field overlooking Toubkal and other mountains, and spent the afternoon learning how to boulder and experiencing the beauty of the space.

Today we make our way to Essaouira, where the students have planned two days of activities for us. We’re finally getting back to the coast, which is exciting as the ocean breeze will be a welcome respite from the heat of the central mountains and desert.

Here are some photos from past days. More updates coming soon!