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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Beginnings in Bhutan

Descending through the clouds, draped in luscious greens, mountains greet travelers.  Welcoming me to Bhutan, enticing and fearless, the mountains tell me I have arrived.  Brimming with excitement, I eagerly peak out of the airplane window.  What lies on the other side of the glass frame is beyond beautiful, it is sublime.  Inspiring awe and curiosity, the mountains guide the plane safely to the runway.  With each few feet we descend, I feel the anticipation of a challenging, thrilling, and beautiful adventure ahead.  Touching down in Paro, Bhutan, the excitement of my peers and I is palpable.  17 year olds feeling like 7 year olds bound off the plane and feel a type of freedom that seemed long gone with training wheels and sippy cups.  I take a deep inhale, breather in the air of a carbon negative country; its freshness and pillowy texture present a beautiful shock to my mind and body.  Free.  Boundless.  Unrestrained.  A sort of mysticism shrouds this land: the hills call out to me demanding respect and the Buddhist monasteries invite me in for prayer.  Accepting the magic of Bhutan, taking my first few steps, I prepare myself for the journey ahead.