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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Bhudda Point

I dropped to the ground before him; out of exhaustion, joy, and purely because sight brought me to my knees

I felt my lungs catch up with my body

pull in

push out

I moved my head and squinted my eyes to face the golden body before me

I met his eyes

but he looked past me, off into the valley, as if to say that the work wasn’t over yet

I laughed a little and pulled myself up, and I’m sure he laughed a little too

oh, the things ill do for Buddha.

I heard the cheers of my friends behind me as they made the last stairs

I approached his throne, two monks smiled and greet me

“Kuzu Zangpo!”

I bowed to them and continued my journey, bound to the mala I twisted through my fingers

as I sat before him, I felt the ease of my breath

pull in

push out


(photos by Mika Adley)