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Body desconolisation – Teatro Trono ( ENG )

I am colonised, you are colonised, we are colonised as used to be the America our body is colonised by our head. Our path is determined and our choices are chosen in advance without our consent and even before our birth. We are then machines, used as puppets, psychologically tortured like cattle, unconsciously by norms and values ​​imposed on us. Therefore I feel beautiful for others in a world where the woman is an object of desire and impulses. Being young I must listen to the wisest and keep quiet in a world where the innocence of the child, it’s creativity and feelings are not rational. Today I realize that  we are locked in the hole of the system, in which I do not recognize myself anymore, created for us.

Two days ago we arrived in El Alto where we have the chance to live an extraordinary experience with the participants and creators of the Trono Theater also called COMPA. Here we discovered the concept of decolonization of bodies created in 2004 by Trono.

What is decolonization of bodies?

It’s about learning to “feel your body in its entirety”, ”  Become feeling thinking human beings ”

There are 5 steps to achieve this:

Call the raia

The raia for the believers of the cosmovision representing the soul, the spirit and the well-being in Quechua. Thus calling the raia serves to feel good in your own body by listening to your feelings.

Create a space of collective well-being

What corresponds to relearn how to express love. Hugging or kissing, gestures that in some cases may be perceived as unfounded but have extraordinary power over everyone. In order to have more communication based on feelings.


In order to break the routine, not only everyday routine but also your bodily routine. So we must get rid of the banal and unconscious actions that we have impregnated with habit. Thus it becomes possible to create, because creativity comes from the mess and hazard that can only be achieved by discovering new movements.

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Then finally, migrate to the center.

Our head is dictator and speaks the language of logic. To migrate in the center is simply to listen your body, to make one’s stomach talk, one’s heart, one’s feelings: one’s humanity in its purest form.

To decolonize your body is then to balance it. Realize that logic is as important as feelings from the darkest to the happiest

I then asked myself

Who are we Dragons?

Young women and a young man.

Equal to the veins

Where minorities become the majority

We are privileged people immersed in the material wealth that has allowed us to be here.

We are rich if I can say right?

However now that we have the veil lifted, the eyes wide open and our limits “assaulted” I wonder who are the privileged.

We? The colonized, the automata melted into a world of  falsity

They? The so-called poor and lost in their naivety. I will say rather the decolonized and rich of  liberty

We are not here to offer our help on a foothold under the pretext that we have material wealth.

NO we are the ones who need help.

Young and open minded we still have a flexible soul and at this moment we are taking a slap in the face

We begin to value the decolonization that finally allows us to crack our brain to empty it of the toxic black bile that fills it.


We are feminists

We are young

We are the future

We are the messengers

We are the change

Not here in Bolivia, but yes back Home


My vision of the world keeps changing more and more everyday.

I am grateful XOXO Natacha