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Bridges and Connection

Now that we have reached the mid-point of our trip, i feel many bridges have been built and many connections have been formed. For starters our group connected pretty well since the beginning and we have only gotten closer in my opinion. You would think that after spending 14 days with the same people it would get rough, but besides the occasional “storming” or minor group conflicts we have done pretty well. Despite our differences of say growing up on opposite sides of the US or having very different tastes in music or in general interests, we all can relate on the level of being away from home in an uncomfortable environment where we are left to either suffer from emotional or physical distress or support each other and overcome our challenges as a team. Doing so allows us to therefore become comfortable within the uncomfortable.

Moving on to the topic of inner connection, I fee lthat without the consistent distractions from electronics I am able to sit down and relax while reading a book or get really deep into a conversation with a friend or instructor about who knows what, and not have it interrupted by consistent dinging or buzzing. In addition, I have truly found peace within sleeping which may seem odd until you become aware of the fact that I used to suffer from sleeping anxiety or just problems related to sleep in general but here without all of the brain stimulation of electronics I instantly pass out every night, but being very active  trekking through  Guatemala has also helped me out.

Thanks for listening to my story and hasta luego…