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More and more each day i connect myself with this beautiful country. I see myself in these people and I really enjoy everything so far. I really liked my host family and they treated me like i was their own son. This is my first time back to guatemala since i was adopted at 10 months and i could not ask for a better experience so far. Even though my bridges with this country are small, I want to continue to make them bigger. I am still amazed that i am in this country and waking up and realizing that i am in Guatemala is the best part of my morning. I also love sharing this experience with my group. Harrison, Mallory, Kiara, Isabel, Will, Emmet, Azra, and Rachel are all amzing people and the bridge of me wanting to experience guatemala for the first time with my parents has grew smaller because i am really glad i get to spend this time with the friends i have made in this group. Oh, and having someone that lives close is also very nice, thanks kiara. In the end i am very happy that i am in my birth country because i have wanted to come back for 13 years and i hope at the end of it all that i will never forget anyone or anything from this amazing country and experience because the bridge that is being built is going to be big, bigger than the Golden Gate Bridge.