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Building bridges, not walls

Society has made a habit of building walls. Every organism has built a wall, even if they dont realize it. Rather if its personal walls youve built up to seperate yourself from something out of your confort zone, or  to separate yourself from a person. Maybe its a physical wall to seperate humans from interacting with one another. Sure, walls, in some cases have good aspects to them for a little while… but at the end of the day, no matter how hard you try to keep it up, every wall will fall. Everyone wants to be right, and is so convinced that they are. I see it mostly with religion. It always amazes me the length people will go to try and prove they are right, and how some people will cut out the ones they love because of their beliefs. Religious beliefs, womens rights, lgbtq rights, and the amount of control people want to have on others. But who is to say that I cant travel where I want, or that hispanics cant come to America, or I shouldnt be able to speak my opinions because it could threaten men. The human race loves labels. We are constantly labeling humans into groups, and seperating them by the color of their skin, gender identification, sexual preference, political opinions, religion and so much more. But underneath all that skin, and opinion and judgement, we are all just flesh, blood, and bone. The only reason some people are so opposed to the idea of bridges and instead wanting to build walls is because they are afraid of loosing power. But, if every person could just step back and see that bridges, either physical or mental is an opportunity to share and gain love for one another, and for humans to conspire as one, then just imagine all the beauty and love we could create.