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Building Bridges

So far my experience in Guatemala has opened my eyes to new cultures and beliefs, and has taught me how to interact with people from different parts of the world. In my homestay in San Juan La Laguna, I immediatley felt at home due to the generosity and kindness of my host mother, Viviana. Even through the language barrier between myself and my host family, I was welcomed into their home with open arms. They did everything they could in order to make me feel comfortable and happy. Throughout my week long homestay, I have experienced being apart of a different family and have observed how families of different cultures function which opened my eyes to the importance of communicating with others from different parts of the world. The second night of my homestay, I had an in depth conversation with Viviana about religion. It was an awkward topic to talk about because I do not follow a religion, and she did. However, she was open to hearing about my background regarding religion, and she told me about hers. Having conversations like these has taught me the significance of speaking with people who differ from myself. It also has showed me how special it is to put yourself in these types of circumstances in order to learn more about the world.