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Cities and Country Sides

During my time at Ladakh, I read a Ladakhi City mouse and Country mouse, which made me wonder whether which lifestyle I would prefer. From living in cities such as Delhi and Tokyo, I understood what kind of behaviors a person would experience before the course. If you would live in a city, you would always feel like you are running out of time so you can’t take breaks. You also don’t have time to self-reflect which leads to frequent negative emotions such as anger and frustration. In Ladakh on the other hand, I discovered different human behavior to the city lifestyle. While in cities I feel pressure to always be busy, the people in Ladakh have a balanced daily schedule of work, rest, and family time. They also frequently self reflect on their actions and emotions which results in almost no arguments or fights between others.

In the end, I would have to choose the lifestyle of a city mouse because I would have more access to food, resources, and education, but just from staying in Ladakh for a week, I could already tell the country lifestyle is better for my emotional health. It may be from the locals influencing me or from the silent surroundings making me feel relaxed but I naturally started to practice gratitude toward people, nature, and every moment that passes by. I also became more able to tame my chaotic monkey mind of emotions. Through the rest of this course, I will continue to reflect on my improved emotional health and will try to find ways I can feel the same while living in a city.