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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Cloud One

Ever since I landed in Bhutan and fully realized how close the clouds are, I’ve wanted to walk in a cloud. I kept on thinking that if I had a bucket list, this would be on it. And after nearly a week of obsessing over this, I finally got the opportunity. We were driving the first leg of our journey to Bumthang when we began to see a shield of fog up ahead. At first, I was confused as to what is was, but then, I slowly began to realize that we were about to drive through a cloud. I quickly struggled to open the latched window while excitement flooded through me. We broke though the shield and the car was quickly enveloped by the cloud. I stuck my head out the window and felt the refreshing breeze on my face. The cleansing air around me flowed through my nostrils and out my mouth with a lightness that I had never before experienced while breathing. The car then took a left turn into an empty parking lot where we slowly came to a half. I jumped out of my seat and through the car door. I was then embraced by the cloud and smothered by its coolness. In this moment, I felt at peace.