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Day 1 in La Caleta

Hi! Today (July 3) we had a slow morning and an afternoon full of introductions. Here is a recap:

This morning, we ate breakfast at Hotel Colonial. Following breakfast, we had some reflection time before leaving for our road trip to Santo Domingo. About 3 hours later, we were greeted with a beautiful view of the beach and some sancocho (a special Dominican soup) for lunch. Later, our hosts at COOPRESCA (La cCoperative de Producción y Trabajo de Pescadores y Prestadores de Servicios Turísticos de La Caleta), and we spent some time finding plastic water bottles as part of a project to make buoys out of recycled materials.

As a nice, refreshing activity, we spent some time in the water. Subsequently, the highlight of the day, we ate mangoes! The fresh mangoes were picked straight off the tree before being handed to us to peel and devour. The juicy and fleshy mango was a delectable snack. To wrap-up the day, everyone got to meet their homestay families.