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Cambodia Summer Program.

Dear Past Lucy

Dear Past Lucy,

I know right now you are a little scared, although you won’t admit it. You don’t know what to expect and THAT’S OKAY! You will learn that there is magic in the unknown, something that is hard for you to understand. Over the next month you will learn about the world in ways you never thought possible, and your previous notions will be challenged, but it’s OKAY! Don’t panic, this is a good change. Let your old thoughts be changed and soak in all the knowledge you can. Don’t let yourself get upset about your previous ignorance, just think about how you can help the issues you care about. You will leave with more questions that answers, more confusion than satisfaction. Embrace the new food, you will love it so much by the end. Open yourself up early to your community, they are amazing and wonderful people who will welcome you with open arms. You are going to poop less than everyone else, but no need to stress, your intestines still work.

You have so much to learn, and it’s still not complete, so appreciate this experience while it lasts. Lucy, I fully believe in you, so believe in yourself.

Now get on the plane and go! Your new family is waiting…


Present Lucy