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Deep into the mountains

After a long day of travel, we finally arrived at our rural homestay. It’s called Bangdong village (邦东乡), located 3 hours away from the nearest main city Lincang(临沧). By the end of our stay, we will have been here for 7 days. On July 23rd we will return to Kunming. Everyday 8:45AM is our group check in and meeting. Chinese language class will normally last from 9:15AM to 12:15PM. Our breakfast and dinner will be with separate homestay families and lunch will be together as a group.

Bangdong is a charming little village has over 300 villagers who live on the tea industry. Now is the monsoon season, families are all very busy with harvesting tea leaves and roasting them in time. The afternoon is especially hot and humid, but a sudden shower will bring us some nice breeze with slight tea scents in the air. We feel so grateful to be surrounded by greens and the lovely village, there will be chances to go to the local market day, join the families for tea harvesting, meet a tea expert for a chat and a basketball game is also on our list. Keep cool and carry on!