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Ending Orientation

Written on Tuesday, July 2, 2019


It is our last night at the eco lodge and we are preparing to go to Nanyao, where we will begin our rural homestay tomorrow.

Today we talked more about leadership roles within the group and worked on identifying what type of leader we are. We also talked about our independent study projects for Kunming. A variety of options are offered from tai chi to calligraphy lessons. We are excited to be paired up with a mentor and begin those lessons in Kunming. But first – our rural homesday and the final day at GooDay.

The ecolodge that we are staying at is run by YeYe and his daughter TingTing who isn’t here because she just gave birth. We had delicious noodles for breakfast while we sang happy birthday to Dora for the first time (we sang it at least twenty more times throughout the day). At GooDay, we use have squatting toilets here which is different than what we’re used to. The showers are separate from the toilets. We are all really peaceful because of the environment around us and disconnection from our phones and social media. Its very cool to walk through the village and see all of the local people during their daily activities.

This evening we had a ceremony involving candles, flower seeds, and meditation. It was a new experience that helped to reflect on the environment and our goals for the trip.

After our orientation we have all become great friends and are excited for the adventures ahead!


Sammy and Dora