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Exploring in Patan

A bag of lychees was the only fuel we needed for an adventurous afternoon in Patan. Each day we had our independent study time (yoga and sarangi lessons) and were tasked with finding our way around the city. Our only resources were local people and the little bit of Nepali that we learned over the course of the trip, so we had to step out of our comfort zones and not be afraid to talk to people we didn’t know. Often, these conversations were awkward and unsuccessful, but nonetheless, we persisted, as we knew the only way we were going to find our way around would be by embracing those tricky moments.

We applied this same sense of independence and confidence to our experience living with our homestay families. It was difficult to navigate not having a common language; every conversation was filled with gaps and confusion. Additionally, being completely alone was sometimes nerve wracking; at first we felt very out of place in a Nepalese family. These challenges were always somewhat present, however we learned the importance of putting in effort and pushing ourselves to make connections rather than having a passive position in our homes.

Our time in Patan was exciting and every moment spent there was new and interesting. We are excited to move forward with a feeling of confidence and independence that we can apply to the rest of our time here in Nepal and our lives at home.