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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Farewell Morocco

I’m sitting on the train now heading from Casablanca back home to Rabat, reminiscing with Badr about all that we’ve done the past month. We just saw students off at the airport, and are sure that they’re similarly discussing memories as well as sharing excitement about reunions with family and friends, familiar spaces and creature comforts, and life that exists outside of the confines of a 50 liter backpack.

Us instructors had a great time this past month, and want to share gratitude to all who helped make this happened.  Those who trusted us with their young adults, Dragons admin for lots of support and sage advice, and of course the students for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and good spirits.

We hope everyone has safe travels, restful end-of-summers, and continues to gain from this experience as time goes on.

Looking forward to next time,

Kevin, Keshet, and Badr

PS Sofie is not pictured, as her flight was in a different terminal, but she is with us in spirit! (And successfully through security and on her way to her destination!)