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Finding Joy

Some of our opening days this trip were spent in a magical small village outside of Thies called Dene. Dene consists of around 50 people, roughly 30 children and 20 adults. The entire village revolves around the Dara which is a religious meeting place that holds various comunal ceremonies and gatherings. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed with a selection of songs written by the Imam. Although we just met these people, they encouraged us to dance with them which immediately allowed us to connect. Among the things I learned during out trip to Dene, the value of simplicity was most prominent. Coming from New York, you are used to everything being big and grand. This not only raises your expectations, but also increases the chance for disappointment. Dene allowed me to to see life in a new light. Watching kids playing in the sand, singing to original Sufi music, playing tic-tac-toe in the sand, watching people dance until they go into a trance all helped me realize my values. Its not about how much you have, its about finding joy in the smaller things. If we can all realize this important lesson, we can make the world a better place.