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Cambodia Summer Program.

Finding Our Rhythm

After a good night’s rest, our first full day in-country started with establishing our daily group rituals and check-ins on health and well-being on the balcony of the guesthouse. After a local nearby breakfast at a small family-run restaurant, consisting of noodle soups, rice porridge with fried bread, and Cambodian iced coffee, we walked to a cafe known for working closely with and supporting local NGOs and communities. In the beautiful space here shown in the picture above, we held morning meditation, yoga, and exercise sessions before diving into our first Khmer language lesson and discussions on cultural sensitivity. After another delicious Khmer lunch, we visited a nearby pagoda, initiating our dive into Theravada Buddhism. Later in the evening, we visited the local night market, where in small groups we began to manifest our newly learned bargaining and smart street food skills, as well as explore the wonderful world of Southeast Asian fruits!

As we finish orientation activities in the upcoming days, stay tuned for student-authored Yaks!