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First Day Out in Bhakatpur

When our instructors put us into three groups and told us to head off into the city of Bhaktapur by ourselves, we were quite surprised. All we were given was a map, a list of things to find, and 500 rupees, and a few hours to explore. The city was bustling; motorcycles filled the streets and the heat of the sun beamed down on us. We picked a direction and started walking, but we quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to find our way around without asking locals for help. During our two hours in the city, we learned the names and favorite movies of three people, the way to say “orange” and “banana” in Nepali, and some interesting facts about the five story high Nyatapola Temple. We ended up getting lost, but worked together as a group to successfully find our way around the city and our way back to our group home. Our time in the city was chaotic and exciting at the same and we can’t wait to explore more new places in the coming weeks!