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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

First Impressions

College Study Abroad Bolivia - Orientation

Hello everyone, the group has finally come together! We all had early morning arrivals into Bolivia so the first day we slept in and took it very easy. We took a fun Gondola ride around the city and ate lunch in a market very close to the city center plaza. However, now we are currently staying in a camping retreat just outside of La Paz that is embedded on the side of a mountain. We took a couple of taxis to this really beautiful escape. The Colibri (humming bird) Camp is very quiet and relaxing that offers its services to the surrounding community and the public. The three of us are staying in a really cozy house that is a nice place to sleep when it gets very chilly at night. We have spent today mostly going over preparation materials, reading, playing music (just Jaz and Saoirse because I have zero musical talent…) and eating very good food. This period is mostly just to get settled into our environment and get to know each other better. It is a very small group, but I think everyone is very excited about it because we get to dive deeper into each experience. Luis has been very welcoming and relaxed with us all and I think I speak for the group that we already love Luis. He has vast knowledge about Bolivia that he is eager to share with us and I think he is just as eager to learn from the group as well. We all are starting individual Spanish lessons with one of our lovely instructors, Marisol. I really can’t express enough how pretty this mountainous region of Bolivia is. The mountains look like they belong on the moon. Hopefully you can see them in the pictures we will attach to this post…. Ciao!