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From Ladakh, with gratitude

We have spent the last two weeks forming a “little” family of thirteen on this trip. We imagine if we sat down to list all the people who have been part of our journey so far, the number would be far greater. Perhaps we will do that one day soon. But  for now, we would like to take a moment to show gratitude to our other families at home, made up of parents and siblings, friends and teachers.

I am grateful for…

my parents, who encouraged me to go on this trip. I am grateful for my homestay family who welcomed me into their house like a son. I am grateful for my instructors, who have guided me through Ladakh and made me feel comfortable in a comfortable place. I am grateful for the other Dragons students who make this experience even more memorable. Finally, I am grateful for the Ladakhi people who have shown nothing but compassion and hospitality as we travel their land.

my parents who have always supported me and encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone. They always taught me and allowed me to take advantage of any opportunity to travel and learn. I am also grateful to everyone I have met on past summer courses, especially Kaj, who inspired me to think outside of the box in life and pursue my interests. And Mandeep, who made my more hardworking and honest, and whose challenges to me left a long-lasting impression. Thank you.

my parents for letting me travel here, despite not wanting to let go of their youngest child. I deeply appreciate their hardworking and unwavering, unconditional love. They fuel my desire to achieve a beautiful and fulfilling life, so when it comes time to give back to my parents, they’ll have all that they wish for. I am grateful for my sisters for paving an adventurous path for me. I could not seek out the wonders of this life had I not been taught to follow in their footsteps. Most importantly, I am grateful for all the mentors and teachers that encouraged me to grow physically, mentally and emotionally by doing things like this – immersing myself in Ladakhi culture.

my mom because she trusted me to be independent in organising and solidifying this trip and the rest of my summer plans. Right before I left home we had to act together in order to keep my family intact and I could never express how thankful I am that she shifted the weight of our shared burden onto her shoulders. Without my mom I would not have had the courage or confidence to come to this awe-inspiring country and would not have given myself the time to self reflect and change my mindset for the better.

my grandparents for providing the opportunity for this trip for me. I am grateful for my parents for convincing me to go on this trip. Finally, I am grateful for the instructors and everyone else who made the trip what it is.

my parents. Besides everything else they have done for me, I couldn’t thank them enough for letting me travel to all of the amazing places I have been. They continue to support me despite my constant mistakes. I especially have to thank them for helping me through a huge mistake I may have made at the airport in the beginning of this trip. I wouldn’t be the same person without you and I could not imagine being raise my anyone else.

my parents, who do so much for me and have supported me all of my life. After being away from them for a couple of weeks now, I have become more aware of their selfless kindness. Also, without them I wouldn’t have been able to go on this trip, and I feel lucky to be able to. I’m grateful for my friends back home. Once again, after being away from them, I’ve realised how great they are. More presently, I’m grateful for our instructors, who constantly make this awesome program what it is. I’m grateful for Dragons programming in general and everyone else who has made the connections that allow us to go where we have gone on this trip. I’m grateful for my dog. He’s a good boy.

friends, whose piercing gazes positively oozed with incredulity, yet who believed in the power and importance of inspiration. To others, whose disbelief and lack of an adventurous spirit struck me across the face, leaving behind a stinging cheek and an eternal drive to achieve the most out of life. And to mum and dad. While support beams of thick, heavy pack do surround me it is the two of you that provide the most valuable supports of all.

my family and the countless ways you support me in my life and on this trip. Without you, I would not be sitting where I am today. My teacher, from the first introduction to this program you gave me. I knew I had your support every step of the way on this journey. To the Dragons fund – my excitement and hope for getting to take part on this course could only bring me so far. To the many people before me who shaped it into a reality, I will forever be thankful for.

for how much work my parents put in for me and the whole family behind the scenes. I also feel grateful for the farmers around the world. From helping out in the farms in Taar, I found out how much labour it takes to grow food.

We are grateful for so much. Thank you.

With love from Ladakh,

The North India Crew