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Futbol from across the globe

Beginning this trip I recently quit my high schools soccer team and, similarly stepped back from my private club team however being here in Peru I have found my love for the sport rekindled, I could say that it began in ocongate when all fourteen of us piled into a local restaurant to watch the copa mundial for about two hours occasionally regulating food and jokes and small talk, I could also say that I fell back in love with soccer when, during my homestay in paru paru my homestay brother and i went down to the local court, a modest concrete field with shabby wooden posts and daunting walls on either side of out of bounds, my hermano and I along with about ten of the other local boys played until we couldn’t see the ball, I could also say that these past few days in the amazon has truly changed the way i see the game, something about how my whole group was running around for some ninety minutes nonstop, drenched in sweat and having a great time, I think I can confidently say that it has been one of my best memories of this trip so far and has made me truly value the way in which a game that is so dear to my heart has this incredible capacity to bring people together.