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Group musings from Temento Samba

One thing I will miss about Temento Samba is…

the sounds. The animal noises—goats, chickens, the flocks of golden birds chirping in the trees. Children laughing. Far off conversations, the familiar “jarama.” The sound of the rain on the roofs, the droplets rustling leaves of trees. Temento Samba hosts a multitude of unique sounds—I will miss them all.

the smiles that spread like wildfire.

hearing my Senegalese name, Tapsil, called from random areas in the village and looking over to be greeted with a smile and a wave.

drum lessons from Mamoudou and having a mini audience of children every time I played. Mamoudou is a talented, patient, and supportive teacher. I learned so much and also enjoyed hearing him play.

my mom.

the kids that came running towards us as we left the village. One of them made it very far.

everyone’s joy and passion.

peaceful walks in the fields with my brothers.

the way my aunt looked at me as I came and left the house. “Djenabu arti!” She’d exclaim as I returned home after a long day’s adventure. “Djenabu fini, yahii?” She’d solemnly ask as I gestured for the door. But I told her I’d be back, and she’d smile and point out an imaginary watch. I will be back.

playing with my homestay brothers and sisters.

my homestay family. They were so incredibly nice and were always trying to find ways to help me feel comfortable and welcome. Also, they make a really good coffee with foam on top. I’ll also miss playing soccer in the fields. It was so pretty out there, especially in the afternoon when the sun was out. It was only kids from four to ten and many people from the Dragons group, so it was nice to feel like small children with no responsibilities.