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Cambodia Summer Program.

Happy Birthday Alice! Expedition Phase Begins…

After some greatly appreciated time spent close to nature and community near Kirirom, the group arrived today to the city of Kampot near Cambodia’s coast, our last destination before our Dragons journey together comes to an end. The student group courageously started their expedition phase today, a 3-day period that is student planned and led, giving everyone a chance to truly practice and integrate their leadership, communication, and authentic travel skills while the instructors take a backseat to the action. We also had the special opportunity to celebrate Alice’s 16th birthday today, with the students independently arranging for a delicious cake from a local bakery. After expedition phase, the group will settle into a beautiful little community on the coast to reflect on our month together and set intentions for the road ahead, a special time known to all Dragons as “transference.” Thank you to all who have been following our journey so far!