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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Hello People!

Hello people!

We have just arrived in Cochabamba where we will be spending two weeks with  our home stay families and grinding out our Spanish hours. We have spent the last three days in a very small village called Santiago de Okola. It is super pretty as it sits right on the shore of Lake Titicaca. 2 days ago the three of us woke up early and headed to the lake to do a polar plunge to start the morning. Collectively as a group we have been working giving praise to things in our lives. While the lake was extremely cold when we entered, it felt very refreshing and reinvigorating for us. It was something we all needed to open our eyes to such an amazing place and fully appreciate the magical energy that inhabits all  corners of Bolivia. This plunge wasn’t something that we could do everyday in our lives back home. It isn’t coffee or any other stimulus that we all consume to jumpstart our bodies for the day. While it may seem like something small or something that could be quickly overlooked just by sheer beauty, the lake was something I chose to appreciate for all of its uses. Hasta luego!