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Highway to adventure

Blistered feet, crumbled backs, dog bights, ekoli, sunburns all around. Every second was worth it. My fellow dragons and I started our adventure out on what I would say a fairly easy treck on the morning of July 12. But that was just the beginning. That night we arrived to a farm, where we sat down to fresh chicken, warm vegetables and orchata. We explored the farm and prepared for our next big adventure.

The second day I had no I had no idea what I was walking into. We walked, ran and skipped up and down hills, through corn, mountains, trees, and sunflower fields for 10 hours. Running through sunflowers was one of the most magical moments Ivé experienced. All I could do was laugh and think what did I do to deserve this beautiful life?

Like everything, with adventure comes struggle. My struggle was the blisters that started biting down on my feet. It took a little bit away from my excitement, but like every other dragon on my trip, we got through it. Thankfully, my friend Randall was able to patch them up nicely for me, and I was on my way.

The last day was nothing less then amazing. That morning we got up and walked to this local restaurant with the best blueberry pancakes that has ever come into contact with me, huevos, and sausage. I couldn’t have been happier that day. Because of those pancakes, the final day of the trek flew by and I couldn’t be happier that I was apart of that adventure.

I am so excited for upcoming adventures in my four weeks with dragons.