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Hiking in the mountains

Written on: July 7, 2019


Today after our language classes our entire group went on a hike through the mountains behind our homestay village. On the way there we stopped at some sort of shrine made out of parts of the mountain (rocks and wood) and we took a moment to think about the spiritual significance of the shrine and how it might relate to animism (which we’ve been learning a bit about). Then we continued up the steep mountain looking back down at the village and enjoying the great views as we got higher and higher. On the way up we saw mountain goats and herders and even came across a Yi village (a Chinese ethnic group of people). As we hiked it also allowed us to bond together as a group and make even stronger connections with each other. Even though the actual hike was very hard and took a long time it was worth it in the end because of the amazing view and peacefulness that I experienced at the top.


Adrian and the rest of Group 4B