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Hola todos! We just got back from the long awaited trek around Ausengate. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. We were trekking up to 17000ft (around 5000 meters), and experienced the most beautiful views of ice capped mountains and glaciers. Walking through felt absolutely surreal, almost as if we were were on top of the world. I´m not going to lie, the high altitude definitely added to the challenge, as it was oftentimes hard to breathe or keep together as a group, but I definitely felt supported the whole time. At the beginning of the trek, I was pretty sick so for parts I traveled by horse (which was pretty cool, not going to lie), but it was definitely the most rewarding to travel by foot. For 5 days of the trek, a dog (that we named MilkyWay) followed us from site to site. He became our makeshift pet, but unfortunately we weren´t able to touch him because we´re not trying to get rabies. The first highlight of the trek for me was drinking hot chocolate pudding the second to last night of the trek. In the nights and early mornings it was well below freezing, so the the thick gooey chocolate truly warmed my soul. My second highlight was the solo hike on the last day of trekking. Each memeber of the group walked about 100 meters apart  and took in everything in silence, which allowed me to truly take in my surroundings with no distractions. Now, we´re back in Cusco exploring. Showering was the best feeling in the world. Will keep you updated after our next visit to the Amazon!!