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Hola from Tiquipaya!

Hola desde la llaqta! (Hello from the pueblo!)

After our beautiful and rewarding trek in Los Frailes outside of Sucre, team Bolivia has settled into a peaceful routine in Tiquipaya! We arrived on Saturday and students were eager to meet their homestay families, with whom they are living for our 10-day stay. The students were warmly welcomed by their families, and are enjoying getting to know them. The three instructors are staying in a little casita on the Granja Polen, a large ecological farm where the students also spend each morning in Spanish language classes.

Besides the language classes, students have also begun their Independent Study Projects (ISPs). The projects include: learning how to weave; traditional Andean guitar lessons; graffiti lessons; traditional plant medicine; ceramics; and an investigation on Bolivian journalism!

Yesterday we travelled as a group to the house of Valentina Campos, located a short public transport ride away. Valentina gave a beautiful talk on an introduction to the Andean Cosmovision, encouraging the students to reflect on the various processes of colonization that Bolivian society has undergone over the past 500+ years — as well as the amazing history of Indigenous resistance, still very much alive today. Students also enjoyed Valentina’s beautiful artwork. This morning, instructor Jac also gave a short talk on the history of Indigenous politics in Bolivia and how it relates to the upcoming October 2019 elections. The students are enthralled, and thirsty to learn more!!

Abrazos y tupananchiskama (hugs and until next time),

Team Bolivia