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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.


Its been almost a week since we arrived in our homestay and now we’ve started settling into a routine. I wake up at 7, and then eat a breakfast of toast or oatmeal. Then we all arrive at the farm at 8 before starting classes at 8:30. Classes are typically around 4 or more hours long, so we normally break it up with a snack of egg sandwiches at 1030. After lessons are done we head back for lunch, which always promises to be delicious. My favorite meal my mom makes is spaghetti with veggies which is perfectly salted and very filling, muy satisfecho. In the afternoons I have been weaving, reading, and playing with my little brother Santi. Every day is packed filled with activities and I’ve become really happy in my daily routine. Although I do miss home, I know I’m going to miss the late night dance parties, playing with Santi and Mater (from cars), and the moments spent weaving and cooking with my mom and sisters. Love to everyone at home:)