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Cambodia Summer Program.

I am from

Where are you from? That is a question people around the world are asked daily. During my homestay I have learned that you can be from many different places all around the world. Many people’s ancestors on the island of Koh K’sach Tonlea are from Vietnam and Thailand but they now call themselves Cambodians. After hearing Thavry’s dad talk I also came to the realization that you are also from your personal hardships and victories, your good memories and your bad, and from your adventures alone and with others.

Last night I took the time to think about where I’m from. I came to the conclusion that I am from eating heart shaped pizzas at Cucurucoo with laughter ringing in my ears. I am from my home in Italy where I could always count on playing make-believe with my brother.  I am from endless hugs and kisses from my entire family whenever I felt down. I am from my playhouse in the backyard where I spent most of my afternoons. I am from many Mario Kart and temple run tournaments with my cousins. I am from the backpacks my mom would fill with surprises every time we went on planes. I am from the countless visits to my grandparents cabin in the mountains where I was sure to eat a pita pizza. I am from the many bike rides and beach days with my family in Forte dei Marmi. I am from my grandpa’s house where my siblings and I devoured bars of chocolate. I am from the trips to my friend’s house where we would always part in laughter. I am from chocolate pudding cups my dad and I would share almost every day. I am from falling asleep to my mom singing, “you are my sunshine.”

But most of all I am from the love and laughter my family and I share every day.