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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

I surrender to the mountains

Dancing along the mountains edge

Striving to reach the top

I stop

I hear the sound of freedom

birds singing their beautiful songs

no car motors roaring over my thoughts

no music blasting through the air

just peace

only love

my mind wanders back to my life at home

my dad and I walking our dogs along the side of the road

we wait


wait fore that one second in the day

that one special second

where the road would be abandoned by cars

and we could hear the bird’s beautiful songs

and the wild stream flow under our feet

and feel peace and happiness absorb us

but only a second until the sound freedom would break

only a second until we would be forced into this reality

the cars began to speed across the road once more

and the second is gone

but here

in the mountains

the second of freedom I always long for

the second lingers on

for a minute

for an hour

for as long as I would like

I look at where I stand

in the mountains I are unknown

I have no power here

what lies at the top of this mountain not meant for me

it is for the birds who sing

I am where I need to be

not at the top

just in between

I surrender to the mountains