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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Just a Lil Yupdate

After a breathtaking flight passing by Mount Everest, we touched down in Paro Airport. Waking up to the view of the tree-covered mountains outside of our windows was phantasmagorical (Jack’s word… I know, we questioned it, too). We set out for the day in our clunky but comfortable Toyota van to go see the elusive Bhutanese Takin, whose reputation of being half-cow-half-goat proceeded them. They were as remarkable as the feeling of inhaling the crisp Bhutanese air. Tiger, our government-appointed tour guide sporting the Bhutanese national wear, took us to a viewpoint where we were able to see Thimpu, the capital city, from above (see cute photo). Afterwards, we ate lunch at the local Folk Museum where we got our first taste of Bhutanese yak butter tea. Our day was broken up by a language lesson in which two lovely Bhutanese teachers laughed (until they cried) at us as we fumbled in our attempts to learn the Dzongkha language. Later in the day, we were able to try on and purchase our own Bhutanese kira and gho, which ended up turning into a chaotic fashion show. Now we’re about to go to dinner so gotta go. Bye!