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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Landing in Bhutan

The process of landing in Bhutan is an exciting one, the pilot must navigate through the tall hills surrounding Bhutan. Most of the landing I spent clutching the hand of a fellow group mate. The group was ecstatic upon landing, instantly overtaken by the beauty of the surrounding mountains, each member hugging and dancing right there on the runway, the same mesmerized smile on each face. The following car ride was a noisy one, I could not help but feel sorry for the driver while the bus was filled with our singing and laughing, by the end of the car ride I could tell some members of the group were feeling overwhelmed as well. Our volume was taken down a notch or two by the time we checked into the hotel, but we were all still buzzing with excitement.

The view from our hotel room is breathtaking (see 4th picture.) Everything from the close up architecture of the surrounding buildings, to the far off monasteries perched on top of towering green hills seems to be alive with color. Already I have seen a number of beautiful things that have permanently implanted their images in the minds of myself and my comrades.