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Last Day

I find myself sat in an internet cafe in a country that was once like a scary stranger and is now like a scary close friend. The people who surround me have been with me through many things I may never forget. Being able to see the divide the lies between a middle class family in New Jersey and a Middle class family in San Juan or Nebaj is shocking. I know this month is finally coming to an end and I´ve never been so thankful to be carrying a camera to share my experience. Maybe twenty years from now I´ll come visit six trees I planted on Tuq´tu Quilal or the families who opened their doors and their hearts to an absolute stranger. I now see how my actions directly affect the world. With all of the thoughts that have swarmed my mind within the past three and a half weeks in a country I barely know with a bacterial infection and other troubles I feel more safe, secure and trusting than I have in years.  despite being a hard month this month has been extremely formative for me and led to me thinking more about my actions and the power I hold in the world. I have more than ever been driven to take my health, my education, my work, my time and my power into my own hands. I have been showed the power and privilege I do have and I intend to use that to do the best I can for the world. I feel like these experiences have led me to a new path I decided against in the past. one of independence and positive change.

peace out nerds,